Sunday, October 11, 2009

career paths

Music was never a first option as a career path for me. It was more of a past time really. However, as time has progressed and I have gotten more older and a bit wiser (Im onlny 26) I consider it to be more of an option for myself. I majored in Literatures in English with communication studies and linguistics. I teach these things full time at high school and I am quite good at it and I do enjoy it. However, I am thinking about qualifying myself in music so that I could use that as another bit of qualifications under my belt. I really do not want to go through the stress of doing another first degree. In Trinidad it's not uncommon to do the graded exams with the Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM). I am considering after I do grade 8 next year to take some time and do a dipABRSM. I am just wondering if there is a possibility to go from dipABRSM to a masters somehow. I would really prefer to do that because I think that having established a foundation via studying by myself, I would be able to make a fair enough transition to graduate work. I anticipate that it would be alot of work but I would not mind it since my interest in studying bass as well as musicology has grown exponentially. Hopefully I could get some answers with respect to doing a masters in bass. I think my abilities could be harnessed and fully grown. If I could get some sort of info that would be great. Anyone out there willing to lend a hand?

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  1. You may wish to know that the ABRSM Diploma's FRSM (Fellowship of the Royal Schools of Music) level is comparable to a Master's degree in terms of its level of demand on the student.

    However, as best as I am aware, having passed a FRSM does not necessary mean that one can gain direct entry to a Master's degree programme in music.

    All the best in working towards Grade 8 and DipABRSM.