Sunday, October 11, 2009

Its interesting how fate is. Having spent a great deal of my childhood slaving behind the piano while the old music teacher would oversee me laboriously practicing my scales, I had vowed never to return to those days at all. However, no sooner had I decided to leave music had music decided it was not done with me. I would be soon introduced to an instrument that has reignited an interest in music that I had at a very young age: the double bass. Its size was intimidating, as I had been accustomed to being with an instrument that was mostly stationary. Never really had the opportunity to be with an instrument that I had to manuver myself, especially with that awkward german bow. It has become a most interesting experience and I will continue to aspire to be among the best. Its been 8 or 9 years since I first started bass and I could easily say that it has been really hard in various aspects, particularly as it is I am one of the few classically trained bassists that you would find in Trinidad, or in the Caribbean for that matter I'm sure. Maybe writing this may get the wheels turning and make things happen for people in my position.

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