Sunday, October 11, 2009

getting my own bass

If you think getting the equipment for the bass is tough you could imagine how much stress getting the actual bass could be. People tend to say that the laminated basses are the cheapest and based on my research it is actually true. They could range from $1000-1500 U.S. Although they are the cheapest they are still quite pricey. Then you have the hybrid ones and then the fully carved ones. Not really looking to get anything but a laminate for now. It serves the purpose of what I want to do now. Later on when I get hired for gigs all over the world then I will consider getting the more expensive options (hint I managed to order one from a website for about $850. Sounds reasonable in the world of bass sales. However, shipping them via fedex from their headquarters to another place in the U.S set me back about $325 U.S. (N.B. I live in trinidad in the caribbean). So I now have to put aside some more money to get it from my extended family to my home in the caribbean. Not that I am complaining. I just think that I have to find ways to make things easier for us overseas persons. (There is a website I came across that ships all kinds of items to all parts of the world regardless of the website you order from but I opted to use the route of relatives abroad).I guess once you are in the arts you have to make a bit more sacrifices than many others and you have to put up with a bit more setbacks than others. However, I believe that it is all be worth it, as I intend on putting my best foot forward to becoming the best that I could be. Medocrity is not an option. The days of the struggling artist will be no more.

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